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Mars Woody is a 15+ year astrology student sharing her gift of discernment/prophesy though astrological chart readings. She can shed light on your personality strengths and weaknesses, show you what the coming year has in store for you, help you process what you’re dealing with right now, and more.

Mars uses Pladicus style charting with all major aspects (conjunction, square, opposition, trine, sextile, inconjunct, quincunx) plus popular asteroids and orbs from 3-6 degrees. She can be very technical with your readings…or just tell you your ‘fortune’, complexities aside!

Astrologically, Mars Woody is a first house Cancer with Cancer Rising, with a third house Virgo Moon, Mercury retrograde in Cancer, a twelfth house Venus in Gemini, and Pisces Midheaven. Career-wise, Mars was a Web developer for many years before deciding to utilize her Piscean Midheaven. She seeks to Heal in the field of Astrology with a Biblical faith structure (Romans 12:6-8).


Marsadie is uniquely gifted. Her ability to accurately read your chart is great in a field filled with amateur, inaccurate and ill-motivated people. She will give you quality time and divine answers. Her ability to explain highly complicated astrological things in plain English is remarkable. No matter what your issue, thought or concern you will leave her feeling better-informed and empowered. I am thankful to have found and utilized her!

Bryan R. (Personality Reading)

Marsadie read my chart in the beginning of July. She stated that there seemed to be three major focuses in my life right now which were my career, school, and home.
Marsadie said I was going to be able to shine in the workplace. Little did Marsadie know, exactly two weeks after that reading I had
a meeting with my manager at work and was able to shed light on what was going on in our department – I was able to motivate my manager into being more involved in our department. Later that day my manager messaged me and said she felt so enlightened and thanked me for my honesty. My manager went out and bought a cake for the department that read “Best Damn Team”. Everyone was shocked and pleased!
Regarding school, I graduate in December and I have been more determined than ever.
Marsadie said that regarding my home life new beginnings are coming and that my house will be filled with love and empowerment. Also she saw that my house was going to be used to make money. I am in contract of purchasing a new home and have been planning on using my office space to do my mentoring for my business, so everything she said made sense!
I don’t know how she gets everything off of reading a chart but everything she proclaimed has come to pass… I can’t wait until my new ventures start so I can reach back out to Marsadie again to see what my future holds!

Tatiana R. (Birthday Forecast)

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